Students register for a free Dropbox account on www.dropbox.com. You will be asked to fill in your first/last name and an email address that will be linked to your new Dropbox account. Parents: if you are uncomfortable with your child using his/her name or email address you can use your name and email address to create an account.


Once registered Dropbox will download to your computer and ask to be installed. You can choose not to install the program on your computer and use the online interface instead, though using it through your computer is much easier.


After you have created your account send an email to keith@echsbands.com from the email address that is linked to your Dropbox account. Once your email is received you will receive an invitation via email to a “shared” folder. Follow the instructions on this email. Each folder will be titled with the student’s name (Last Name, First Name) and will be linked only to the student who it belongs to. Emails to Keith are due on Friday, August 26, 2016.



  • Students will record themselves playing assigned materials using an audio recorder, iPhone, or computer. Audio and video submissions are both acceptable, however audio files are preferred. Students that need access to audio recorder should contact Keith.
  • All audio files must be submitted in a .WAV, .MP3, .M4V format.
  • All files should be reduced in size – large files will take too long to upload into Dropbox.
  • Files should be labeled as follows: First/Last Name; Playing Test Week of X/X/XX
  • Recordings are due in Dropbox folders on the morning of the assignment is due.